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4O3A Coax Switching

If you have many antennes, more places to operate and if you are not a multi multi station you will always issues to handle all the coax cables and switching inside the shack.

In the past we used stackmatches from WX0B but due to the age this created problems. As we normally run Single Operator, Multi Operator Multi or Single band we wanted to be able to control all the antennas from 2 or 3 operator tables in a easy way. We investigated and founded the solutions from Ranko 4O3A.

Website 4O3A

We connected for every contest band a stack match unit.

Stack Match L

So in total we have 6 stack match splitters.

On 1 stack match for example 10 meter is connected. The stack match can work like a normal remote coax switch. So in totall we can connect 3 antennes for each band. Via the control cable we can also switch the splitter in stack mode for 2 or 3 antennes. So in tower 1 we have 2 pieces of 6 element beam for 28 Mhz. We can use the top beam or low beam seperately. But via the stack match we can also put it in stack mode. Then the 2 beams will be connected together and the input will still be 50 ohm to the radio with help of an inside transformer.

pi4dx stack unit inside

From this 6 stackmatches the main connections of coax are going to 1 piece so named SIX PACK.

Six Pack Mala

This SIX pack matrix has to main coax outputs wich will go inside the shack to Radio setup 1 and Radio setup 2.

 Inside the shack we have 2 pieces of SAC-X units. With this 2 units we are able to connect remotely any antenna connected and even stack when prefered.


We can also switch transmitting and receiving antennes just by pressing the buttoms. You can program the SAC-X unit easy with a laptop to create the labels on the display like the way you like it.

All the control cables are going to a central relay unit. This unit will control all the coax switches and prevents that Radio 1 and Radio 2 uses the same antennas.

REMCO 0504 Relais Box

(sorry boys I will replace this pictures later on for a better one)

Here down you can see our mess of units and cables. We have to clean it up shortly.

Pi4dx Heart 4o3a Switching


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